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Nu-Force Water Technologies, LLC - SH 40: 1/2" Personal/Shower Unit


The Personal/Shower unit is very handy for those that travel as well as, to use around the farm, ranch, and home.  Being portable, you will always have it available with you to restructure your water so that you stay properly hydrated.  You can also add this to your shower in your home and feel how much softer the water is and how well your skin responds.  Very smooth!

As water moves through the unit, the molecular structure is returned to its natural state so that when the water comes out, it will attach to the first element it has contact with and be able to carry healthier water into or onto you so that you stay properly hydrated.  Our patented units have amazing and beneficial results.

Speak with your dealer or call Organic Earth Systems for more information on the Nu-Force Water Unit.