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Nu-Force Water Technologies, LLC - CS 181: 1" Stainless Steel Unit


The Stainless Steel unit is installed in areas around the farm, ranch, or home; where there is a greater opportunity for the unit to get bumped into.  Very versatile and rugged - the unit has multiple applications in 'out buildings', such as: dairy parlors; commercial livestock production buildings; well-head buildings; shop buildings.  Even motor homes for traveling.

As water moves through the unit, the molecular structure is returned to its natural state so that when the water comes out you will be better hydrated.  For livestock producers, animals will respond better and show remarkable results within days.  Our patented units will have amazing results. 

For use with Organic Earth Systems you will realize even better results with your lawn, field crops and pasture.  The unit will restructure the water so that when it is mixed or applied to the products, results will be enhanced greatly.

Speak with your dealer or call Organic Earth Systems for more information on the Nu-Force Water Unit.