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Nu-Force Water Technologies, LLC - G30: 3/4" Garden Unit


The Garden unit is very handy to use around the farm, ranch and home.  Being portable, you will also be able to take it with you as you travel.   You can also use the unit to fill your sprayer tanks for foliar spraying.

As water moves through the unit, the molecular structure is returned to its natural state so that when the water comes out, it will attached to the first element it has contact with and able to carry more into the plant/animal tissues it is applied to.   Therefore, our patented units have amazing results with Organic Earth Systems products.

A customer stated recently, "It's said that you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.  That's true.  But, when I travel with my horses and livestock, they love that taste of the water that comes out of my unit and will drink it over anything else without hesitation."