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Eco Elements Organic Garden Fertilizer - Grower - 4# Bag


Eco Elements Organic Garden Fertilizer - Grower & Pre-Emergent.  4# Bag.  

  • Vegetable Gardens - At first emergence, broadcast on soil or mulch.  1lb/100 sq. ft.  During growing season, side dress plants.  1/2 ounce/ft. height of plant
  • Around Fruit & Berry Plants - Broadcast at drip line of plants at flowering and at first coloration of fruit.  1 ounce/per ft. height of plant
  • Flowering Gardens - Broadcast around your annual or perennial at time of planting, first bud, and flowering.  1lb./100 sq. ft. of bedding area 
  • Container Gardens - Monthly during growing season:  1 Tbsp - 6" Pot; 2 Tbsp -12" Pot; 3Tbsp - 18" Pot
  • Trees & Shrubs - Broadcast at drip line - 1lb/100 sq. ft.

Pre-Emergent Weed Control - Natural Peptides - No Animal Waste- Biological Soil Amendments

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